4 Cycle Solution

Do you know about 4 Cycle Solution? You probably never heard of this product, but are curious still on finding out what it is about. Well, this is all you need to know about this product. The 4 Cycle Solution is created by Shaun Hadsall, a successul CPT- Fat Loss Expert whose a lot of experience in exercise and dieting techniques. This fat loss program is a new fat loss system that don’t force you to starve, live a poor lifestyle or break your butt in the gym.

This is great to reveal the truth that the 4 Cycle Solution has being praised for science-based and innovative approach to carb management. There are positive feedback all over the internet, telling this is the most popular weight loss systems and solutions this year.

The program offers a very easy steps during the day and maintain the cycle for at least a week or two to see proven results. the program is for everyone and works for someone like you. No discrimination in the system, for all programs are created to work for any body type and size. 

There’s an advanced dieting technique that preserves muscle mass and lowers your body fat. If you are male and want to get as lean as possible, this is the best solution for you. This fat loss program explains clearly that carb cycling requires strong willpower and a healthy body. If you approach 10% body fat, you will discover that fat loss becomes harder. Fortunately, there are easy techniques to apply in the 4 Cycle Solution. The techniques are functioned to shed your last few pounds of fat.

These are what you will do with the program: alternate between high-fat/high-protein meals on non-workout days and high-carb/high protein meals on workout days. You are supposed to have 3-4 workout days per week. On non-workout days you should aim to consume 20% fewer calories than the maintenance levels.

On workout days your calories intake will depend on your goal. To achieve weight loss, you should aim for maintenance level of calories, while to keep a steady weight you should aim for 20% above the maintenance level. If you want to grow maximum muscle, you should aim for 40% above your maintenance level.

it sounds complicated, but it is actually so easy to implement. There will be comprehensive review for your workout and diet type. The most important point is that you get the clues how to have the right diet, motivation, and exercise, and all are packed in the 4 Cycle Solution. Give it a try!